Private Policy

Hello, and welcome to –°ammingvr!

Сammingvr  is an online adult entertainment website that provides users with live cam performances, as well as other sorts of adult content and services.

When using Сammingvr , you will be sharing some basic personal information so that we as a business can better your experience when using our website. Сammingvr  main goal is to provide high quality content and services to its customers, and our team is fully dedicated to keeping your basic personal information under lockdown. No third parties will have this information. Feel free to read through our terms and conditions to get a better understanding under what circumstances your personal information may be handed over to a third party. 

As a user of –°ammingvr, please take the time to carefully read through this privacy policy. We have taken the time and effort to make this privacy policy, as well as our terms and conditions, extremely easy to read and understand. Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any more questions about any aspect of our website.


Before a user tries to register at Cammingvr, he/she must confirm that they are above the age of 18, as well as inform Cammingvr their date of birth and gender.

Whos In Charge Of Your Personal Information That Is Processed At –°ammingvr ?

–°ammingvr is owned and operated by –°ammingvr, and they decide how your personal data is to be processed.

What Personal Information Do You Provide That Is  Processed By Сammingvr?

–°ammingvr collects, shares, uses and transfers your information depending on the duration of your visits to our website, as well as how frequently you use our services.

Below you will find the list of personal information that –°ammingvr collects when you register.

  • Email Address¬†

  • Username¬†

  • Password

If you wish to be more attractive for high end models, thus, being more visible on the website when online, you can complete your profile by adding more detailed information to make your account look better. 

Below you will find the list of information that is optional to add. 

  • Online nickname¬†

  • Your Gender

  • Your Age¬†

  • Location¬†

  • Sexual Preferences¬†

  • Interests and hobbies¬†

  • Personal traits and character¬†

  • What you do for a living¬†

  • What gets you excited¬†

Only with your consent will this optional information be visible to models. If at any point you decide to delete this information from your account, you can do this within just a few clicks. Also keep in mind that you can set the privacy level of your account, allowing this information to only be visible to models with whom you have had private chats.

When Contacting Our Billing and Customer Support Teams 

When you get in contact our billing and customer support teams you will most likely need to provide the following information: 

  • Email associated with your account¬†

  • The service/model with which you are experiencing some sort of issue

  • Feedback on certain services or models¬†

When Purchasing Tokens 

If at any point during your visits to –°ammingvr you decide to purchase tokens, we may collect more of your identification information, depending on the payment method you choose. This information includes your first name, last name, country and zip code, as well as payment information.

Personal Information We Receive When You Use Our Services 

–°ammingvr collects certain information about you when you use the services we provide and navigate through our website.

Even if you are not a fully registered user of Сammingvr, we still collect some minor information about you and your activity on our website. 

Website Activity Information 

–°ammingvr collects your activity history that has been made on –°ammingvr. A great example is if you engaged with any special features on our website, such as leaving feedback on models, taking party in any surveys and doing any upvotes or downvotes on models and their services.

Сammingvr also collects information on the amount of time that you have spent in private chat with a specific model, as well as monitors what categories these models are from (Ex- Blonde, Asian Girl, Black Girl) 

Сammingvr also collects data on the models you keep in contact with via private chat. The type of information we collect is: 

  • Username of the model¬†

  • Date and timing of your communication¬†

  • Type of communication (Ex Private chat, public message, etc)¬†

Log Information 

When visiting Сammingvr, your data is automatically collected. This includes information computer or phone, depending on the device from which you visit our website. Сammingvr also collects the following information: 

  • Your IP address

  • Date and time you log into your account¬†

  • Pages you view

  • Website features that you most frequently use¬†

  • Internet browser you use to visit our website¬†

  • Your devices operating system¬†

  • Language settings¬†

Information That Is Gathered Via Cookies And Other Tracking Technologies 

Just like any other website or app, Сammingvr uses cookies and other tracking technologies such as beacons, web storage, and other unique advertising identifiers to collect information on website activity, device and browser you used to enter our website. 

Most web browsers have cookies on by default. If you prefer to remove cookies from your browser, you can disable this function in the settings of your browser. Please do keep in mind that if you decide to disable cookies, it may negatively affect your user experience on our website. 

Сammingvr uses services such as Hotjar and Google  Analytics to better understand our users, to then optimize our website to better the user experience for them on our website.  Hotjar is a state of the start third party service that helps websites and apps to better understand how users interact with their website/app. This helps us optimize our website. Hotjar also uses cookies, as well as other technologies to collect data on user behavior, as well as what devices they use. Once Hotjar collects such information on users, this knowledge is stored on secure cloud servers. Never will Сammingvr or Hotjar use this gathered information to later identify individual users on the web, nor will this data be matched with other data on an individual users. If you have any more questions in regards to Hotjar, feel free to take a look at their privacy policy.

Data That Is Received From Third Parties 

  • –°ammingvr collects information that is provided by models about you throughout the course of your conversation/communication via our billing and support teams.

  • –°ammingvr Constantly deals with with partnered ad networks that help us promote our website. We may or may not be receiving information from third party partner ad networks about your experiences and interactions on their websites.

  • If a friend of yours is a member of –°ammingvr and invites you to visit our website via a referral¬† link (also known as an affiliate link), keep in mind that your friend will not be provided¬† with any of your personal information. The reason your friend invited you to join our website via a special link is most likely to just receive an award that is offered for each –°ammingvr member that manages to bring in a friend to join our website via a special affiliate link. This information is used by –°ammingvr to determine if the member that invited you to join our website is eligible to receive an award for referring you to register on¬† our website. The referral number that will be used to identify you contains to identifiable information about you or your personal information. This information is considered to be anonymous information.¬†

Data That is Collected From Public Resources

    Сammingvr collects information about you from public open sources only when it is necessary to prevent Сammingvr from dealing with any users that plan on doing any fraud, or other illegal activities on our website.

    This data may be pulled from any public source of information such as your Facebook account, your website or blog, any other social media platforms you may be using.

    When such data is collected, Сammingvr takes all of the necessary steps to identify if a user is doing anything on our website that may be even slightly related to fraud, or any other illegal activities. If such suspicions occur, local authorities will be contacted to further deal with the situation. Public obtained information is ONLY used by Сammingvr to prevent fraud and any other illegal activities. 

Special Categories Of Data 

Сammingvr is a website that provides adult entertainment content, and because of the nature of this business, we may process data about you which may potentially reflect your sexul fantasies, preferences and interests. 

There are just three scenarios in which we are allowed to process such sensitive data: 

If you consent to Сammingvr cookies being used when you enter our website. 

Be aware that you can disable cookies at any time in the settings of your web browser. Please do note that if you decide to do so, Сammingvr will no longer be able to personalize content and experiences for you when using Сammingvr .  

Users that create an account with –°ammingvr are freely providing –°ammingvrwith detailed information of his/her sexual preferences.

Why Does –°ammingvr Process Your Personal Data?

Сammingvr uses the information you provide us for the following reasons: 

–°ammingvr uses the personal information that is provided by users to open, and then properly manage and administer the account of the user. This is done to better user experience.

This is done to fulfill our end of our terms and conditions, which is to provide users with content and services that they wish to see of adult nature.

  • We use a certain amount of the personal data that we manage to collect on each user for analytical purposes, as well as to improve user experience on our website. –°ammingvr invests a lot of time and resources to better understand users and their needs when browsing through –°ammingvr.

  • –°ammingvr uses the information that is collected from each user to understand what can be done to improve our services and content, as well as to detect general trends that have to do with the preferences of our users. With this information we are able to generate individual reports that help us to optimize and better user experience for every single registered user at –°ammingvr .

  • Personal data that is collected at –°ammingvr may also be used for test purposes, such as improving functionality of the website and the quality of the online entertainment and services that are provided at –°ammingvr . The main goal of all this is to optimize our website and services to better user experience for every single one of our registered users.

    All of our users' information is processed given our sincere and legitimate interest in improving our website and its user experience, as well as to better promote our content and services. When Сammingvr uses cookies and our data tracking technologies, we fully rely on your consent when it comes to accepting cookies on your browser via which you browse Сammingvr .

Customer Feedback Management and Communication 

If any users that visit Сammingvr and have any questions they would like a customer support representative to answer, they can freely get in contact with our team via the contact us page. Our customer support and billing support team works 24/7 to ensure that all of our websites guests have their questions and concerns answered within the shortest time periods. 

All of the back and forth communication that you may have with our customer support and billing support teams are monitored and recorded for training purposes. 

Please keep in mind that our customer support and billing teams may get in contact with you via both email and phone.


Depending on the payment method you decide to use, we will use your identification data that we have on file to process any of your transactions.

The use of your personal information is needed to properly comply with our terms and conditions. If at any point of time you purchase tokens from us, we will use the information we have gathered to finalize the payment and provide you with the tokens. 

Ensuring A Safe and Trustworthy Environment At –°ammingvr

  • One of the main points of the business model we follow here at –°ammingvr is to ensure that our users have a safe and trustworthy environment when dealing with –°ammingvr and its representatives. We use your personal information that we manage to gather to prevent any fraud/other illegal activities on our website.¬†

  • Your personal information is also used to detect and prevent and potential breaches of the websites terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of –°ammingvr can be found at the bottom of the home page.¬†

  • Personal information that is gathered is also used to for risk management and security purposes, such as verifying your identity everytime you visit –°ammingvr.

Promotional Sendouts From –°ammingvr

When registering with–°ammingvr, from time to time you will be sent promotional, as well as informative marketing material via email. This way –°ammingvr insures that all of its users are kept up to date on the release of any new features and categories on our website. Users will also be notified if any changes are made to the terms and conditions of –°ammingvr.

Any information that –°ammingvr manages to collect on its users may be used for marketing purposes as well.

Promotional marketing campaigns that may be sent via email will be custom made, thus, insuring that each email will be tailored to your tastes and interests. 

To better evaluate and understand the success or failure of our marketing campaigns, –°ammingvr may pseudonymize your contact information such as your email to then generate statistics that can be analyzed, such as aggregated data.

Сammingvr  may also use your email address to send you invitations to take part in company surveys, so that we as a company have a better understanding where we can improve to boost our customer satisfaction rates.

If at any point of time you wish to unsubscribe from our email sendouts, you can easily do so by clicking the ‚Äúunsubscribe‚ÄĚ link which can be found at the bottom of our promotional emails. Please keep in mind that if you decide to unsubscribe from our sendouts, there is a chance you may miss out on valuable information such as new website features, promotions, and changes that may be applied to the terms and conditions.¬†

Personalized Content 

–°ammingvr uses software which follows and analyzes the behaviour of every single registered user at –°ammingvr. This software tracks how and when you navigate through the website and any of its pages, which live streams you visit, as well as which model profiles you open. This software helps us better understand your taste and interests, thus, helping us promote the models that would be of interest to you for your future visits to –°ammingvr.

This software works directly with the cookies technology that is used in every browser. Your acceptance of cookies helps us to better adapt our website to your specific needs. This way you will be able to quickly find the content that is of interest to you, as well as models.

We fully rely on your consent to create a customized experience on our website for you.

Please keep in mind that revoking your consent from our content customization may have a negative impact on your user experience when browsing at –°ammingvr.

How Does –°ammingvr Protect And Retain Users Personal Data?

Сammingvr does everything in its power to implement the most secure and reliable security measures possible to insure that its users personal data is under total lockdown. This way, Сammingvr does its best to ensure that user personal information does not get modified, disclosed or is open to any unauthorized access. 

On a frequent basis, Сammingvr updates and improves all of its systems to prevent any form of data leakage from any of our servers. Each of our Сammingvr data is secure and under total lockdown, fully protected from any sort of data theft or leakage. The entire web security infrastructure of Сammingvr is consistently tested for any security vulnerabilities. Сammingvr incorporates the most advanced security software to ensure maximum security for all of our users' data. 

If you have any questions in regards to how long some of your data may be kept on our servers, feel free to get in contact with our customer support team that will answer any questions you may have.