Welcome To The First VR Camming Website

Dear Models and Users,

welcoming the new year of 2020, CammingVR is proud to present the next step in Camming evolution.

We are a High Tech driven company, with a huge experience in the IT industry. Together with camming industry moguls and gurus, we have developed a new camming platform,sets out to answer the needs and wishes of Models and Users’, regarding how they see and experience camming, and how they would like to experience camming.
Our strength - is in our ability to listen to our users, and after hours of interviewing Camgirls and respected users, we took that data and started working on solutions. We managed to tackle most of the issues regarding the technologies, and business model.

We go live on

Our goal

Our goal is to make the experience of camming as immersive, and as real as it can possibly get.New developed technologies, allow us to bring the model and user closer together than ever before.We have harnessed the power of Virtual Reality to make the camming experience much morereal and immersive, to the point that users will feel as if they are present the room with the model.

  • camera
  • vr-goggles
  • touch-controller
  • multimedia

A few of the camming sites have placed VR as niche for models, but we see it as the future. That’s why, we developed everything from scratch, to be around VR; the site, the streaming engine and player, the chat engine, interaction with sex toys, online games and the list goes on...

Important note – the site will still stream in regular 2D video, like the rest. But every model will have the option to stream live in VR with our cameras or use any VR camera that was privately bought on the Amazon or eBay (lowest end to highestend cameras).

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More realism with new technologies
1,5 second latency
The world's first VR adult streaming website

About our technologies

What’s new?

  • Live VR streaming, easy Plug & Play.

    Just plug ANY kind of VR camera and youcan start streaming (both models and users).

  • Simulated VR (patented code).

    Even with regular webcams, we have the technology to convert any regular 2D webcam into VR 3D camera. (for better experience will be better to use real VR cameras).

  • Faster streaming

    We have developed new protocols and streaming technology that eliminates latency. We have a 1 second – 2 second delay, andin good conditions 0.3 seconds.

  • Newest programming languages

    Meaning that the site, back-office, and user admin panel, work lightning fast. No more buffering... you click, it happens.

  • New payment systems

    To help purchase with ANY currency, virtual and real.

  • VR Webcams

    We developed and produce our own branded VR webcams to sell to Models and Users.

  • Cyber Sex Toys

    We are in the middle of developing new toys to be used for Cyber Sex.Toys that are new and innovative. Never seen before.

We are currently recruiting models and are finishing final touches to get ready for the final launch, which will be on the 1st of April. Anyone looking to get a notice on launch or get news / updates from us, please register. We look forward to have everyone on our site, testing the new site and technologies.

With that in mind... stay tuned.